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17 Apr

Novel 3-D manufacturing leads to highly complex, bio-like materials

Washington State University researchers have developed a unique, 3-D manufacturing method that for the first time rapidly creates and precisely controls a material's architecture from the nanoscale to centimeters.

m.ahmadi khamesi
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17 Apr

Cognitive enhancing drugs can improve chess play, scientists show

The first study to both show and measure the effects of cognitive-enhancing drugs such as modafinil, methylphenidate

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17 Apr

Empathy device lets a friend’s brain signals move your hand

If you’re happy and you know it, clap someone else’s hands. A muscle stimulation system aims to evoke empathy by triggering involuntary hand gestures in one person in response to mood changes in another.

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16 Apr

Tomato and egg waste may end up in your tires

A typical automobile tire is composed of about 30 percent carbon black, which is a filler that adds durability to the rubber.

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